Category: Comic | Client: Go Daha | Year: 2019

Whats about?

“Boxes” is a comic by Daha. It is about the boxes we all have in our thinking. It’s a metaphor about the limited and manipulated thoughts in our heads.

What were the overall goals?

The overall goal was to show how to get rid of the boxes in our heads. It’s a journey in ourselves. It’s about discovering our limited thinking in boxes, i.e. the way we consume, the way we eat, the way we got educated. In the end, it’s about taking over responsibility and getting freedom.

What was my job on this project?

For the comic “Boxes”, I created the 3D animations of the main scenes. I used Blender software to do this.

How did my service help on this project?

My 3D animations used as a comic’s trailer as well as inside the short movie version of the comic.

What did I do that the project got successful?

Therefore my work supported the comic author’s goal to communicate the message in different formats to reach a bigger and different audience.

With whom did I cooperate on this project?

Storytelling & Illustration & Animation by Daha | Music by Suug | Story- & Concept- Advice by Suug und Bernhard Woehrlin, Suug Productions

Where can you find more information?