Stranger than Jesus

Category: Film, Production | Client: Yeo Kyun-dong | Year: 2016 - 2019

Whats about?

A black comedy about a day’s journey of a movie director who got an offer to make a movie with the best-selling book called “Dinner with Jesus”.

What were the overall goals?

Realization of an independent movie production.

What was my job on this project?

At this movie production I worked as the executive producer. - I was heavily involved in the following jobs: proposal, time and location management, finance acquiring (grants apply), communication with press, assistance for artists, staffs and director, script, post-production management, design and production of promotion, management of the crowd funding campaign, distribution and promotion on film festivals, age certification, contract management.

How did my service help on this project?

Because I do have very strong relation to the director, I had excellent insights into the whole movie creation and production process. Involved in a wide range of responsibilities, I was able to help and assist on many levels of decision making on this movie production.

What did I do that the project got successful?

Even the movie project had small budget, I helped on making this movie project possible. I helped to manage the crowdfunding campaign, realize the production and bringing the final movie to Jeonju International Film Festival. The movie got release 2019 in Korea.

With whom did I cooperate on this project?

produced by WOOSAYOU | film  director YEO KYUNDONG | featuring YEO KYUNDONG · JO BOKRAE | director of photohraphy JE CHANGGYU | camera operator YOON JINSIK | lighting designer PARK JONGHWAN | production sound mixer JEON SANGJUN | production designer YEO DAHA | associate producer JEON JIUK | producer YEO SEAHA | written & directed by YEO KYUNDONG 

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